Monday, September 1, 2008

Weekend Update

This weekend has been pretty good, minus Allison feeling under the weather. Friday and Saturday night were spent having fun with friends, but the last two days we've kept a low profile and stayed at home. Allison is still having tummy problems, but I think the worst has finally passed. Since yesterday we have left her in nothing but a diaper because we got tired of changing her clothes every half hour. The poor thing kept spitting up the majority of her meals. She whimpered most of the day and just wanted to be cuddled and talked to. I was worried about her getting dehydrated so I had Frank get her some Pedialyte, but she would have none of it. In fact, she's getting to where she wont take anything out of a bottle - especially from me. She thinks I'm holding out on her, I guess.
Today she is much happier, I think. For the last hour Frank has been reading out loud to us while Allison and I played "airplane". I thought she would be too young to enjoy it, but she grins really big when I lift her above me. I know it's a dangerous game when her stomach is upset, but it was so nice to see her smile! Also, just to note - she weighed 12lb 10oz when we were at the pediatrician's office Friday! That's a pound heavier than when we were there three weeks ago. She's also grown an inch! Every day I look at her and decide she looks older than the day before.

She's gotten big enough that I've had to upgrade her PJ's to the next size up. Here she is hanging out with daddy before bed.

Check out the bear faces on her feet! Have you melted yet?

She has recently perfected sucking on her thumb. She can now get her fingers in a fist and suck her thumb at the same time!

Last, but not least - this t-shirt speaks for itself. I dont want to hear anything about the football team, though.


Miss Mommy said...

I am sooo sorry for Punkin'! Hope she is feeling better...we've been there before....

Jen said...

I love the bear footies and glad to hear Punkin's tummy is a bit better!