Wednesday, September 17, 2008

True Romance

I love being a mom. I've embraced it. In fact, I'll say there is nothing better in this world than caring for your own child. I get so immersed in it some days that by the time Frank gets home from work I finally take a look at myself and realize that I'm a mess - not because I don't care about my appearance (quite the contrary) - but because I've been so busy taking care of Allison that I don't give myself much time. I was reminded of this again last night when Frank and I crawled into bed and he snuggled up with me as he usually does, and I heard him inhale deeply. Frank is pretty predictable, so I knew what was coming. He was going to tell me that I smelled nice. I was all prepared to accept the compliment when he instead sniffed my shoulder (as if to confirm what he already suspected) and then announced that I smelled like sour milk. Ha! Now that is romance, ladies and gentlemen.

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