Monday, September 22, 2008

Bumbo Improvement

Lately Allison has been working hard to sit up - not when she's on her back, but when she's leaning against me she strains to lean forward so I figured it was time to try the bumbo chair again. Check out the picture to your immediate left to see how she was doing just one month ago. And now check this out!! So proud. :)

Here are a couple of more cute pictures. The first one is Allison playing with Frank, and the last one is Allison preparing to go out to dinner last night - with her new accessory, of course.


Jen said...

Thanks -- you have of course provided my new background for the work computer. So when (as is often the case lately) things are stressful or crazy here, I have someone sweet and beautiful to remind me of the important things in life (of which work isn't so highly ranked). :)

Eric & Amy said...

Allison is looking more and more like Kristin as a baby. Sorry Frank! I have more memory of Kristin with those little eyes and tongue out. I got to see her a lot. :)

Seriously, when do I get to babysit?

Anonymous said...

It's been a full week with no Allison update. What's wrong with this picture?