Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chicken Love

Yesterday Allison, my mom and I visited Amy at school. Yes, we really like Amy, but the main reason we stopped by was to have a look at the baby chicks that hatched in her class on Monday. There were 20 of them huddled together under a heat lamp, and they were hilarious pushing their way through the crowd, stepping on one another, and falling asleep standing up just to be pushed over moments later. I knew Allison would enjoy the chickens, but she thought they were fabulous. She stared at them for a long time at first, but then she busted out with the smile you see to your left. Here are some pictures from our visit...

In the week since I last blogged, it seems like a lot has happened. I need to be a little better about keeping up on here so that I wont have to string together a bunch of random pictures like I'm about to do now. :) My mom got Allison a new floor mat toy. She was convinced that Allison was bored of looking at her other toys. We set it up for her last weekend and she LOVES it! It has two fish, a mirror, and a ball at her feet for her to kick. I think what makes this one so fun for her is that the toys are right in her reach. So this week she has started to slowy reach for them!! A lot of the time she can grab the toy and pull on it!

Here we are with our baby girl before church on Sunday. We visited First Baptist McKinney, and loved it! I have to throw in the disclaimer that it was a guest band, and a guest speaker, but we left feeling refreshed like we hadn't in a long time. We were meant to be there that day. Allison was looking particularly cute in her blue bubble outfit, so we had to take some pictures before running out the door.

Here are some more cute pictures of Punkin' for all her fans. We actually answer the phone "Allison's fan club" now because she's all people are interested in.

Last, but not least, we celebrated Amy's 28th birthday on Monday. She now shares a birthday with the chickens! Happy birthday, Aimes!

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Is the picture with you holding Allison before church at your house? We used to have those exact barstools that are behind you. My Alysen has the little ocean floor toy too...unfortunately, she's not quite old enough to enjoy it yet.

I found a great website for HUGE hairbows...will have to send it to you later!