Monday, October 20, 2008

Wild One

I mentioned in a recent post that Allison has started rolling over, so I wanted to update you on her progress. She is now much more confident rolling her hips, so instead of the timid movements she displayed last week, she is now throwing her hips back and forth. She still hasn't figured out how to get over her left shoulder, so when she is on her stomach, she is also laying on her left arm. Yesterday I was watching her try to alleviate the problem by putting weight on her head so she could lift her shoulders - that was quite funny! She has the strength to use her arms, but she hasn't gotten the coordination down yet.

I've decided that personality comes with mobility, because Allison has been displaying some new behaviors since learning to roll. The most obvious one is that she will no longer sit still on her changing table. She used to lay there sweetly and talk to me while I fitted her with a new diaper, but now she has better things to do. The second her head hits the changing pad she throws her neck back, arches her back, and rolls her hips towards the wall! The first time she did this, I figured I could just realign her and go about my task, but NO. She was determined to be on her stomach. This kid has an iron will. The whole time I was working on her I had to hold her feet in the air with one hand, which is nothing new - but now she is kicking and squriming. Oh, but she's not just kicking and, she is arching and pulling. If I could clone myself I'd take a picture and you'd see her on her table with only her head touching the pad, flailing in mid air while I hold her feet up! I lost my grip at one point and she stuck her foot right in to the poopy diaper - that was fun.

I have to admit that in the past I have left her on her changing table for a second because I had to run get the phone, or pick out her clothes, etc. Bad mom, I know. Those days are long gone, though. She's gaining her freedom, and I'm losing mine!

*(Sorry for the random picture - I didn't have a related one!)

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Jen said...

I love, love, love all these recent posts and pics -- THANK YOU! You are absolutely making my day every time I see one. Of course it makes my countdown to Christmas feel all that much slower...