Friday, October 3, 2008

She's got Jeans!

Today is a milestone. Probably not the kind you are thinking of, but a more subtle one that I've been patiently waiting on. My baby is now big enough to wear jeans!! I found a pair in the bottom drawer of her dresser today that were marked 3-6 months. When I held them up they looked like they would never fit, but alas! (yes I just said 'alas') they fit like a glove (or the right sized jeans - lol)! I don't know why, but with that one article of clothing she seems so much older to me. It's really fun watching her grow up. Here are my favorite pictures of her from today.

Maggie: "Why does she get all the attention??"


Jen said...

I hope you print out some of these pics, they're amazing -- they look like the ones in the cute baby calendars. Clearly there's serious photographer talent combined with oh-so-adorable baby at work here.

I love the jeans!!!

Jessica Grammon said...

Serioiusly! LOVE IT! Great Work!

Jackie E Barnett said...

What a character she is getting to be! And in jeans! What a darling!

Margaret said...

They do take forever to grow into jeans. What's up with that?