Saturday, September 6, 2008


This week Frank and Eric have been extra motivated to work-out, so they met at the gym after work on Tuesday and Thursday. I don't mind being at home alone for most of the day, but by 5pm I'm really ready to either get out or find company. When I know Frank will be home around 5:45, I can just stick it out - but on the days he goes to the gym I find it nearly impossible to stay home. So Tuesday I called Amy and arranged for us to all have dinner when the boys finished at the gym. I packed up Allison and we drove to Allen for dinner. We repeated this again Thursday. I find it funny that Eric and Frank will eat next to nothing all day, work out really hard, and then eat very unhealthy dinners. Hey, whatever works! Tuesday we ate at Dicky's BBQ, and Thursday we had mexican - with ice cream for dessert. I snapped some pictures of Eric and Amy at Braums.


"Cheese? I don't eat cheese."

"Don't test me, mister!"

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Eric said...

I love our new tradition!