Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bragging Rights

ali_13Baby Allison turned 8 weeks old on Thursday, and our little 11.5 lb girl is learning so much!  I assumed that I was attributing all of her advances to genius status simply because I'm her mother and mothers always think their kid is perfect, but Frank insisted that she really is, in fact, quite gifted. :) 

So here I am to brag about my little one, who I'm sure is convinced that her name is "Punkin".  First, she's been able to lift and control her head for about two weeks or so now.  She's alsoshoulder very curious about her world, and constantly wants Daddy to carry her around the house.  She's especially fond of windows and ceiling fans, but has added Maggie, the TV and the painting over the couch to her list of interesting things to stare at.  She's also very close to rolling over.  She's always been a fan of tummy time, and seems about one good kick from flipping bathfrom her back to her tummy.  She's also starting to express an opinion, which - true to her roots - is almost always a strong opinion.  When she's happy, she grins the happiest little smile you ever saw.  But when she's unhappy (as when food is not delivered as quickly as she would like), she has a very distinct little noise that sounds like the verbal equivalent of stamping her foot.  She's also a budding Olympian in the tub, holding her head up above the water and kicking her legs.

nanajackieFrank has decided it's time to start reading to her, and - in addition to the Noah popup book his aunt Sheila got her - he's read Plato, NT Wright and Tim Keller to her.  He claims she's a fan, but I have my doubts.  Jackie comes over to help me out on Thursday mornings (which is SUCH a blessing!), and reads her Peter Pan.  She swears she understands it.  Her words, not mine, folks.

Alas, she's still not sleeping through the night, but is at least very happy at 3am.   

Here are some more pics of our beautiful little genius...  but you can call her Punkin' :) 














Jen said...

Well, of course she is a genius! And such a beautiful one too... :)

Margaret said...

Love the picture of Frank with her over his shoulder. I have one exactly like that of Kevin and Caroline : )

Anonymous said...

She's so pretty! I wish we could see you guys and let our Al's play together :)

Eric & Amy said...

She is has also started mumbling my name "Aunt Amy" (only to me though....its our little secret). I have not doubt of her genius status.