Friday, August 15, 2008

Punkin' Napped...Three times!

So in all the baby news I could share, Allison's napping abilities probably doesnt seem like the most interesting thing I could choose. However, my little girl was an anti-napper until two days ago. In fact, on Tuesday I broke down into tears around 7pm after a long day of her NOT napping. I had tried everything! I tried walking her around, I rocked her, fed her, sang to her, put a towel over her window to make her room dark, and I tried the "cry it out' method. None of these things worked and all the effort left me even more exhausted and ill-prepared to listen to her crying for another minute. To top it off, after she got her shots last Friday she got increasing worse at sleeping through the night. She gradually went from sleeping 6 hours at a time back to her old 3 hour schedule, and I was beyond frustrated.

Anyway, all that to say that she has come leaps and bounds since Tuesday. I decided today to watch the clock very carefully and attempt to get her on a set schedule. I really didnt think it would work for me, but it has! My child has gone from the "no napping cranky wonder" to taking three 1.5 hour naps in one day! If she can keep this up, imagine what I can do with my time! Maybe I can actually reclaim my life as a list-maker! (see blog "Aim Low"). I know this is not great reading for anyone, but I wanted to document her accomplishments, anyway.

In other Allison news, she has almost mastered the art of sucking her thumb. She can now consistently get just her thumb in her mouth - as opposed to her fist, palm, or a few fingers. However, she hasnt figured out how to make a fist with her fingers and still suck on her thumb, and here is the result:

She has scratches all over her nose because of this, but how cute!

Anyway, here are some cute pictures to make up for the lack of a good topic. :)


Anonymous said...

LOOK AT THOSE CHUBBY ARMS!!!! I'm jealous that your Allison is sleeping - mine sure isn't!

Margaret said...

It really is amazing how going by the clock really makes a difference and works! Congrats!

Cute clothes : )