Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Four Generations

Last weekend my Grandmother, Aunt Susan, her son Jon, and his wife Laura came to Dallas to visit my family and meet baby Allison for the first time. Allison was given her middle name (Joy) in honor of my Grandmother, so I was really excited to introduce them. My Grandmother is the type of woman that I hope Allison will become. She's the sweetest and one of the most godly women I've ever known. Her devotion to her faith, her church, and her family and friends defines who she is.
A lot of my memories of childhood come from her home. I remember playing dress-up in the back room of her house using old dresses that she kept in a brown paper bag. I remember loving a doll that we named "oh-baby". I remember her letting us eat the ice cubes that she put in the jello mixture to cool it down, and I remember exploring all around her backyard and dancing on Granddaddy's feet. I always felt at home there. I really hope that Allison gets a chance to know her great-grandmother and make some memories of her own.

Here are some more pictures from the weekend.

Aunt Susan with Allison

My cousin Jon and his wife Laura

I cant explain this. Amy and Eric are strange. :)

And of course some sweet pictures of my baby girl having fun with her toys! I love her smile and the little double chin!

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Jen said...

Again, THANKS for the new pics. So sweet to see precious Allison with her extended family. Knowing you and Frank, you will absolutely raise a beautiful, sweet, and Godly daughter worthy of her namesake great-grandmother. Counting down the weeks til I get to meet her as well... :)