Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The answer is "No"

So it's Tuesday morning, and I'm still at home with no baby. Almost 2 weeks ago I was told that our baby girl had made significant progress, and could likely come early. Then, last Thursday I was told "any day now". How exciting! Frank and I took that to mean that we would have her in our arms by the end of the weekend. Since then, I've literally had every labor sign in the book, but no baby! Twice now I've stayed up most of a night in "false labor". We even started walking every night hoping it would help things along, but this kid has made up her mind! I've officially given up on trying any of the old wives tales and I've finally resigned myself to the fact that we will just be continuing with our original plan to induce on Thursday morning. It's not a bad plan, but we liked the element of surprise by her coming on her own.

I've made it my mission to get as many errands and random projects completed as I can in these last few days to occupy my time and keep me from sulking. The problem is, I don't have that many projects left so I'm having to get creative. Yesterday I tried out "Lime Away" on my glass shower since Margaret recommended it on her blog. I, too, had fought the impossible battle with the shower door to remove all the water stains but had never won. All that changed yesterday! As dumb as it sounds, that really made my day! That $5 bottle is a miracle worker! I didnt even have to use any elbow grease! I kept calling Frank into the bathroom to see the difference, and he was only impressed up through the third inspection. :)

Today I'm going to reorganize my closet and the cabinets under the bathroom sinks, go to the bank and the mall, bring Frank lunch, and make a nice dinner. Hopefully all that will keep me busy until tomorrow. If anything worth mentioning happens you will be able to find it here. Until then, the answer is "no - there is no baby yet".


Margaret said...

Glad to occupy your time a little : )

Happy waiting.

Jen said...

Well, at least we know she wasn't just influenced by Alex's lead and waiting until Uncle John was gone before coming out to visit!! :)