Thursday, June 5, 2008

Baby Day, Third Update

IMG_0006 Kristin's competitive side is definitely coming out.  Apparently there's a lady down the hall who came in at the same time as Kristin for her second baby.  Well - Kristin's not about to be outdone, so she's moved the ETA up about an hour.  I've promised her a steak dinner if she wins. :)

The Grandma's came by a little bit ago for a photo shoot.



Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo!! I'm so excited :) What's the ETA now?

(Great) Aunt Susan

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristin & Frank!
I'm on vacation today, but I've been checking the blog for updates every couple hours. I can't wait for you two! How exciting!
Hang in there Kristin. =)
Take care,