Thursday, June 5, 2008

Baby Day, Second Update

Baby Day Kristin's a rockstar.  Seriously.  They had to come in and change the scale on the monitor because the contractions were getting too big to fit on the original scale. 

Kristin didn't notice that, though, because she was sleeping through it all.  Pain?  It's got nothing.  She hasn't even had any pain meds yet - although that wondrous invention  known as the epidural will be coming probably soon.  The nurse - nice lady that she is - seems to see Kristin's pain tolerance as a challenge, and is ramping up the pitocin accordingly.  


Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo! Go Kristen! I'm praying for both you guys. Frank... make sure you get some shut eye when you can too!! =)

Margaret said...

I just prayed for you guys.

If I had to guess, Kristen may have her epidural by now... I know I did when we were induced. Probably why no blog in the last couple hours ; )

Anonymous said...

It's been at LEAST 3 hours, I think it's time for another update!

Hope you are both doing well!