Sunday, June 3, 2007

This weekend...

In my attempt to be a better "blogger" I figure I need to share with everyone even the mundane aspects of my life. Friday night was a pretty lame night compared to my life 5 years ago. I used to be able to stay up till all hours of the night and then remain productive at school the next morning. I'm old now, I guess, since I skipped a happy hour event and went home and straight to bed. I think I slept till around 7:30 that night and only woke up because I heard Frank outside mowing. Pathetic!

Saturday proved to be a better day. Frank did some more yard work in the morning while I woke up slowly,
read a magazine, and got ready for the day. I was supposed to meet Tiffani for lunch, but that was moved to later this week, which I was pretty bummed about. Frank and I headed out for lunch at McAlisters in McKinney and ran into my sister and her husband. This weekend is their one year anniversary, so we totally crashed their lunch date. It was a beautiful day outside, so we dined on the patio. Our conversation moved to the cruise that we are leaving for in less than 2 weeks so we tried to persuade them to take a last minute vacation with us. We actually had them convinced, and we were on the phone with Royal Carribean who informed us that the ship is booked! So much for that. However, they are going on their own tropical vacation at the end of June so it's not too tragic.

While finishing our meal, Amy and I decided that we needed some hats for our vacations. So, after lunch we headed for the outlet mall to look for HUGE floppy hats, because what tropical vacation would be complete with out a hat the size of a tent? The boys were even nice enough to tag along, although they refused to wear a hat themselves. Amy and I were successful in our hunt and landed some wonderfully large hats to don on vacation. We even wore them around the outlet mall for a while, and surpisingly didnt get many funny looks.

We parted ways and Frank and I went to Willowbend mall where I got a new bikini (scary, yes) and some more beach-wear. After buying all that stuff I'm really starting to get excited about the trip. It feels real now, which has scared me into working out every day - but I guess that's not such a bad thing. Hopefully this trip we will be able to meet some other young couples who we can hang out with. Someone has to be there to take our pictures! We really suck at holding the camera in front of us and hoping it's aimed correctly.

Sunday was pretty nice. Kelly and Jimmy met us for church and even came over to the youth quarters after the service to meet some of our peeps. After church Frank and I went to lunch at Outback with his mom to celebrate her birthday. We ate too much as usual, so our bodies demanded the Sunday-mid-afternoon-nap. We gave in and slept for an hour or so when we got home. When we woke up, Frank was content to sit at his laptop and read the news/sports, but I got antsy and wanted to do something active. I decided that it was time, right then, to go and work on the flower beds.

Now, Frank was not very pleased with my immediate switch in attention, but he obliged me anyway. I now know that that was only because he didnt expect that I would want to transplant flowers, pull weeds, and trim shrubs. The flowers we planted have exploded with all the rain, and I am beyond shocked. I never expected them to live, let alone GROW! No one told me this would happen. They need to be cut back or ripped out all together to keep our beds from looking over-crowded. So, we got to work. Now, I have to clarify that by "we" I mean that I was more of the director, or "oversee-er" if you will. Frank brought it to my attention a couple of days ago that we have spiders in our yard again. I dont do spiders. We actually have a contract with the pest control people who come once every three months, and any time we see a bug in between. They will be here Monday, but the future hope of their coming is not enough to get me to touch anything that can not be seen from all angles to ensure that a nasty spider isnt on the other side waiting to latch onto my hand. I'm almost positive I would die if that happened.

"We" got alot of work done. Frank was a trooper. I'll even call him Superman today because he tackled the stupid thorny weed that we cant seem to kill. I didnt get any pictures of it, but if it comes back I'll have to share some.

And yes, I did help SOME!



Jessica Grammon said...

we used to be so fun...i'm working on changing that for us! check this out in the meantime

Anonymous said...

Your house looks awesome! I love the stuck up sunglasses in the last pic. You look so pleased!