Friday, June 8, 2007

Splashes of Summer

I enjoyed a much better Friday this week - and still managed to squeeze in a nap! Frank and I were invited to a pool party hosted by another couple that works with us in the youth group at church. We already had plans to have dinner with "Ermie" (nickname for Eric + Amy), but we were still able to make a brief appearance. I'm pretty sure that all of the youth were invited, but only the HS girls showed up, which is fabulous since those are my favorites anyway. I was asked a few time why I wasnt swimming and I was relieved to be able to tell them that I had dinner plans, and therefore can not go to the restaurant soaking wet. I also shared that I will only wear a swimsuit around people I dont know, and even then I must be out of the country. Neither of those qualifications were met last night. I had a hilarious conversation earlier this week with a co-worker about swim wear. She said her motto is: "If it moves, lock it down!" So there you go. I'm on lock down. I only got a couple of pictures with the girls since the ones who were in the pool wouldnt get out, and then when we tried to pose beside the pool we got wet - thanks to Trisha and Ashley! I should have seen that coming. Here are the two trouble-makers that were throwing the water. They dont look guilty at all do they??
Water is still being splashed in our direction at this point. However, the A&M t-shirt demanded a photo! I'm so proud of the girls that choose to take the RIGHT path to Aggie Land. WHOOP!
Here is Oreo - Marcus and Tricia's puppy. I'm a sucker for puppies. Notice how I have to hold her face. That tounge was working over time and kept ending up on my face! Too cute, though.

Amy and I waiting on outside of Jalapeno Tree for a table. They have the best beef fajitas there. Everyone also got a margarita to celebrate the weekend. We discussed getting a late night movie, but none of us would have lasted.

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