Monday, December 8, 2008

Copy Cat

One of my new favorite things to do with Allison is to play with her in her crib right before I leave her there to fall asleep. I know it's not the best idea to get her worked up before a nap, but she's so cute! She squeals, sings, and reaches for my face while I tell her that I'm going to get her. Then I tickle her which is followed my more squealing and laughter. It's so addicting to watch her express such happiness and joy. I mentioned in one of the previous posts that Allison now likes to shake her head back and forth for fun. Well, now she can imitate me doing it! This morning we were playing while she was in bed and I shook my head at her and waited a moment. Then she did it, too, and looked at me with a big smile and an expression that said "ok, now you do it!". So I shook my head again and she laughed and then copied me! So that's our new thing. I need to get it on video.

Another big moment today, she said "Ma"!! Ok, so I know it's not mama, but I really think she's trying because I've been selfishly saying it to her over and over every day for about 3 weeks now. In the last week she has started making the same mouth movements, but without the sound. It's so cool to watch her learn! Again, something to get on video.

Finally, while I was changing her out of her PJs this morning, she found her feet! Until now, she has only wanted her feet if they had slippers or toys attached to them. I grabbed the camera in time to capture her first foot discovery.

Oh! - one more thing. Allison is has also started to lean her head all the way back now when she wants to see something behind her. I think it's funny that she could just turn around, but instead she prefers the blood rushing to her head.

Ok, ONE more thing... She is a sitting pro! Less than a week ago, she was still pretty wobbly, and now she sits with confidence! She's got a whole new perspective on her fish, now.


Margaret said...

That excersaucer pose does look really uncomforable!!

Jen said...

Okay my favorite thing about the Allison head shake has to be Frank's story of getting so caught up doing that with her in the car that he had to wait a bit before driving because he made himself dizzy. You parents are hilarious in such a wonderfully loving way... :)