Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Windchime

I just wanted to show you the windchime I mentioned in my last blog. Frank hung it for me tonight while he was putting the finishing touches on our patio. It looked so pretty against the sky last night that I had to take a couple of pictures. I was worried that it would be loud since we keep the fans going while we are outside, but it was actually not moving too much. Aunt Susan - thanks again for the awesome gift! This something I dont think I would have thought to get for myself, but I love it!!

We continued to work on finishing the patio last night, and unfortunately we are still a couple of steps away from completion. We have finished 99% of the painting, and after that we only need to clean up the mess we've made!
I was really hoping that the fans we bought would provide enough wind on the patio to frighten off most bugs - and it has helped - but we are still plagued by the mosquitos. I finally went to CVS yesterday and purchased some Off Insect Repelant. We sprayed it on last night before we got to work, and then a mosquito promptly landed directly between my eyes and bit me. I apparently need to spray my face as well! It swelled up nicely, but was gone by morning. :) While Frank was painting I finished up caulking one final gap that was so large that it had to be a two-step process. Now, I know I called myself a pro in the last blog - and I still hold to that - but I accidentally dropped some while I was on the ladder. Unfortunately, poor Maggie was below me and it landed on her head. I ended up having to cut it out her hair.

After finishing the caulking I drug the ladder out to the end of the backyard to take a better picture of the porch. I felt very brave being in the grass. Since working outside so much, I've noticed a few large spiders scurrying around. I think I'll have to get Frank to take the official "after" shot from the plot behind our house. I'm certainly not that brave!
Here's a picture of Maggie with the caulk in her hair. Poor baby. She didn't really mind it though. She was more interested at getting a better look at my camera.

Friday night Amy and Eric will be coming over to cook out and enjoy some good patio time. Later this weekend we will reconnect with the Dyers and Welchs at dinner, and Monday we have nothing planned! I'm looking forward to this much needed break.


Jen said...

Now that John and I are starting our list of home improvement projects, I admire you Barnetts and your work ethic even more!! And I so hope you get to come out to see us soon, I have some walls we definitely want to make a different color and I need some help figuring out which color... :)

Anonymous said...

Everything looks great, Kristin! I'm so glad that you like that windchime - too bad it only chimes and doesn't whoop or play the Aggie war hymn on your new patio :)

Aunt Susan