Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Chigger Bites

Ok, I'm sure no one cares, but I'm writing this out anyway. Since the service project with our church for Impact Week I have noticed little red bumps on my feet. Turns out they are chigger bites. Gross. I counted the bites on each foot. I have upwards of fifty - yes, 5-0, on my left foot and between 40-50 on my right!! I look diseased.

Update on the porch: The only thing we are missing at this point is the brick work. First we were told the brick guy would be coming out Saturday. No show. We assume he is coming Monday. No show. Tuesday we figure he has SURELY come by now. When I get home there is a stack of bricks by my house that is completely the wrong color. Not even close. So today the contractor spends all day tracking down the right color only to find out that it has been discontinued. A few hours of research reveals a stack of the right color left at an Acme company in Garland. So now we are being promised it will be done by Saturday. *sigh* After that we have to wait for the inspector to come on Monday. After THAT we can finally hang our ceiling fans and enjoy our new patio furniture that is in boxes in my garage.



Margaret said...

This cracks me up... this is the third blog about bug bites. I blogged about it, my friend, Carrie, just blogged on myspace about 60 mosquito bites on her foot, and now you. I'm ready for winter!! I hope they heal up quick : )

Unknown said...

i care!!

at least they are on your feet!! mine are in not good places!!


i need to go to your house again. haha

Unknown said...

Yea for a patio. We'll have to make the trek out to the thriving metropolis of Melissa to see and it - and this time WE'LL bring food for the grill!