Monday, November 24, 2008

Money Well Spent

A couple weeks ago I started noticing that Allison was getting bored playing on her mat with her fish, so I set my mind on getting her an exersaucer. She has enjoyed standing since she was only a couple of months, so it seemed like the right toy to transition to. I looked on the Target website and found that they range anywhere from $50-$150, which I wasn't about to spend. That's when I head over to Craigs List. I'm usually selling stuff on that site, but rarely do I actually purchase anything. This was the perfect time, though. I found a lady who was selling her gently used Baby Einstein Exersaucer for only $25! I arranged everything with her through email and Frank picked it up in Plano on his way home from work that night. I'm not kidding at all when I say that Allison lit up like a Christmas tree. She was SO excited to play with everything. I think it may have been a little overwhelming to be completely surrounded by tasty toys. It's been her favorite ever since then, and I've enjoyed watching her learn new things on it.

Allison is also doing much better eating her baby food. She actually enjoys it now! Applesauce is still her favorite, but she also enjoys sweet potatoes and peas - just like her mama! Her newest thing is to chew on the tray in front of her while she waits for the next spoonful. That makes for a really messy clean-up, but she sure has fun!

Can you believe how big she is?? Look at her standing! She can also sit now sometimes. She can sit on my lap without any support, but tends to fall face first onto the carpet. In a few more weeks I think she will be strong enough to support herself on any surface. Just in time for Christmas pictures!

Finally, Aunt Amy and Uncle Eric got Punkin some snowmen slippers that have finally convinced her that she loves her feet. She has not been interested in playing with them until today. I guess all she needed was to make them into toys! Thanks Ermie!


Jen said...

I've been feeling needy for an Allison update lately, and boy was this a great one. It's always so amazing how much she grows just in between a week or two of pictures!

Heidi said...

Thanks for the update on Allison. I have missed her. Hope your trip went well.