Friday, November 7, 2008

Family Trip

Last weekend Frank, Allison, and I made the trip down to College Station to visit family. It was also that time of the year again for the Aggie 100. No surprise that my dad was again honored, and he also moved up to number sixty-eight! We didn't make it down in time for the ceremony, so no pictures - but I was told that the food was just as snobby as it was last year. :)

This was the first time we had made a long trip in the car with Allison and I was nervous about making her sit in her car seat for that long. However, my baby continues to prove that she is a rock star. She was very good the whole way there. She sang for the first thirty minutes, then she played with her toys for a little while. I could tell she was getting tired around 7:30 so I covered her up with her blanket. After ten minutes of mostly quiet in the backseat I peeked at her and discovered that she had stuffed a good chunk of the blanket in her mouth. She seemed happy enough about it (since she's teething) but, good mother that I am, I felt that the blanket was better used as a ...well, a blanket. After that she stuck her thumb in her mouth and was off to sleep.

You wouldn't believe the arsenal of stuff I had to pack for Allison. She seriously had more luggage than me and Frank combined. I really did try to pack "light" but how do you do that with a baby?? I need to figure it out before we make the trip to NM in December. Anyone have information on "flying with a baby 101"?

Anyway, we spent most of our time hanging out at my Grandmother's house and running errands on Saturday. Sunday we all went to church and then came back to a wonderful lunch followed by some football. I wish we could visit more often, because I love spending time with everyone. Every time we hang out with my Grandmother I realize just how feisty she is. Growing up I always thought of her as the quiet, sweet-spirited woman - and not that she isn't those things, but she is also very opinionated, stubborn, and independent. Frank is now seeing that my traits go a long way back in my family tree.

Here is an example. My dad was fussing at Grandmother about climbing onto stools to reach things on the top shelf of her pantry on Saturday. Then Saturday night Frank caught Grandmother doing it again and tattled on her during Sunday lunch. While everyone was at the table discussing her safety, Grandmother and I are in the kitchen helping ourselves to seconds and I hear her mutter "I didn't promise anything". LOL!

I think everyone really enjoyed having Allison around the house. They hadn't seen her since she was 7 weeks, so having her around at 5 months was quite different. She was really hamming it up on Sunday right before we left. She sat on my Aunt Susan's lap and smiled and squealed at everyone for a good 5 minutes. She had us right where she wanted us, and she loved every minute of the attention.

You'll notice in some of her pictures she is doing a new thing where she tucks her bottom lip into her mouth and sucks on it. That must be another teething thing, but it sure is precious. I know I say this in practically every blog I write, but she gets more fun every day. She is the best thing that has ever happened to Frank and I. Every night before we go to bed we can't help but go in her room, tuck her in, and just stare at her. Many times we will stand in there for 10 minutes watching her sleep and occasionally exchanges glances to silently tell each other how much we love her. I'm sure other parents can relate to this. My life wouldn't be complete without my Allison.

Ok, I didn't mean to go down that path... Anyway, it's time for my baby to get up from her nap, so I'll end it here. Have a great weekend!

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