Sunday, July 8, 2007

Projects and Eric's Birthday!

Here is a cute picture of Alex and Maggie playing Friday afternoon. They each have blankets that they tote around the house, and Alex likes to wrap himself in one and let Maggie chew on him. The purple one is Maggie's because it's girly. Alex has one with Spiderman on it - much more manly.

This weekend has been a whirlwind. We tend to stay pretty busy as a general rule, but this weekend we've outdone ourselves. I'm to blame of course since - as I stated in my last blog - I found the perfect paint for my living room/kitchen. We painted this room back in September with a color that I settled for. I had searched long and hard for the perfect shade and it never came out quite right. We ended up with the non-color you see below. It took us days to paint these rooms, and it was so frustrating to have people come over and say "So when are you going to paint?" Finally, 9 months later I've gotten the itch to fix it. I added some more paint samples to my garage and finally got the perfect shade!
I went to Lowes to pick up the 4 gallons of it, and the guy mixing the paint for me told me that this color (Warm Buff) was recommended by Oprah on her show a while back. Apparently all of her faithful followers rushed out to pick some up. At least I know now that I'm not the only one who thinks it's pretty. Friday afternoon we moved all the furniture to the middle of the room and got to work.
Of course, Alex -being the panicky dog that he is - freaked out when he noticed change. When I sat on the floor to start painting he quickly crawled in my lap and refused to leave. It's precious and pathetic all at the same time.
Frank and I worked till 11pm and still had a ton left to do. We started again at 10am Saturday morning, and worked till 5 that evening. Unfortunately, we are still not finished. Frank is taking a nap right now and when he gets up, we will try to knock out the kitchen and put the paint away for good.

We made plans to meet Amy and Eric (my sister and brother-in-law) for dinner at Gloria's in Frisco to celebrate his 26th birthday. We had already done a surprise party for him about 2 weeks ago while his parents were in town from North Carolina, but we still wanted to go out for some drinks and fajitas. We got Eric a grill set to go with his new grill. Now he has to cook dinner for us and show off his skills. :) Happy Birthday, Lips!!!

Sunday morning we went to church. It's always fun seeing my girls. I still had my camera in my purse from dinner the night before so I made them pose for a few pictures. We decided to conduct the lesson outside since it was so beautiful (although hot) and it's finally not raining! That didnt last too long though. I think we were out there maybe 10 minutes before they wanted to go back in.

These are Wes's kids, Lizzy and Keira. I taught Keira, the younger one how to use my camera (kinda). She took the picture of Frank below. She wasnt so sure how to aim it, so Frank had to just make sure he would be the shot. Haha.

After church we met my parents and Amy and Eric again for lunch at Saltgrass. They wanted to celebrate Eric's birthday some more so who are we to argue with a nice steak meal? Thanks, dad!

Here's me and Bear - one of Amy's bichons hanging out on her couch. I love that he will let me flip him over and hold him like a baby. Too cute.

Ok - back to painting. *sigh* My shoulders are so sore! I'll post pictures of the final product sometime this week. I almost gave myself a deadline there, which is destined to fail. Let me rephrase - you will eventually see pictures. :)


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