Monday, June 21, 2010

Liveblogging Baby #2: The Home Stretch

Nurse just came in and they're starting Kristin on a pitocin drip to get her contractions closer together (they spread out when she went to sleep and haven't narrowed back).  That should get things moving, so the nurse expected our little princess to make her appearance within the hour.

So this will likely be the last blog post, although there may be some facebook/twitter updates if I get time.  We'll post pics and more info as soon as I have time.


Miss Mommy said...

So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If she fell asleep, I am guessing she has an epidural?? I sure hope so- I love those things!

Anonymous said...

I can imagine how excited Jackie is! I'm hanging in here waiting like a grandma (even though I'm not the grandma)! This is SO exciting! The home stretch takes for ever on the waiting end! I know Frank and Kristin are busy, busy, busy! Soon. . . SHEILA said...

Can you link the Facebook post to the blog? Great post about baby Hailey Michelle (born 9:08am, 5lbs 8oz - if I remember right) with pictures? I am so anxious to come and hold her soon!