Monday, June 21, 2010

Liveblogging Baby #2: Checked In

At a little after 1:30 this morning, Kristin woke me up to tell me her contractions were getting so serious and regular that she felt like it was getting close to time.  But - not wanting to be the type that checks in early only to get sent home - she took a shower, and we went for a walk around the block.

Then we called the hospital and headed on in.

We've got a feisty Irish nurse with a great sense of humor - helpful, since Kristin's contractions were causing quite a bit of pain for her.  But, thankfully, we got her an epidural and now she's fast asleep.  As I'm watching the monitor showing her contractions, I'm really impressed at how well the drugs work.  I don't exactly have a frame of reference, but spikes like that don't look particularly comfortable.

In any case, looks like Allison's little sister will be born on the first day of summer - two little June bugs for us!

More to come...

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