Thursday, December 17, 2009

So much news!

I keep telling myself that I need to take on a blogging technique that consists of daily briefs instead of trying to tackle huge monthly updates. My friend Tiffani does this, and it seems so much more effective. I think I'll give it a try after this post where I need to get everyone up to speed on the Barnetts.

The biggest piece of news is that I'm 11 weeks pregnant, and expecting Allison's brother or sister in early July! The kids will be around 25 months apart. The due date is actually my brother-in-law's birthday! This pregnancy has been tough so far because I've been much more sick this time than I was with Allison. Unfortunately, the nausea meds aren't working this time either. I've got my sights set on week 14 in hopes of some relief.

I have been extremely lucky, though, that my back has held out so far. I got a steroid injection in my spine at the end of June, and I was told that it could last for months or years. I was hoping for the latter (obviously), but in early October I started feeling a lot of pain again. Right before I was about to start another round of steroids I found out I was pregnant! I figured that meant that I'd be on bed rest for the whole pregnancy, but my back miraculously started feeling better. I have no way to explain it other than maybe there is a hormone that's keeping me from feeling pain? God only knows, but I really appreciate it! I can't expect that my back will hold up during the whole pregnancy, though, at which point my doctor said I can take Tylenol 3 (vicodin) for the pain. It's not my favorite plan, but I don't have any other options.

Cravings have also been a big part of this pregnancy so far. I'm hungry every 2.5 -3 hours, and there is never any telling what I'll be in the mood for. At first, I couldn't get enough scrambled eggs, then I wanted ham sandwiches, now I love chili (even though it makes me feel sick for hours after I eat it!), and I LOVE ice water. I have no desire for sweets like cakes, cookies or brownies, but if you bring me sweet tarts or gummi bears I'll eat the whole package. I can't believe I've only gained a pound! Whoever said that you only need an extra 300 calories per day during pregnancy was obviously a man.

Allison news:

She officially hit the 18 month mark about a week ago, and I can't believe another 6 months have passed. Each one comes faster than the last. She's growing up right before our eyes! Every day she learns something new.

The biggest change has been her verbal skills. Our pediatrician said that from 12-18 months kids tend to focus on perfecting mobility, and from 18-24 months they work on language. He was SO right! It's like a switch has been flipped! She went from saying around 30 words that took her 6 months to accumulate, to adding 2-3 words per day! Just this week she's learned: feet, toes, hands, sun, moon, star, santa, maggie (she says the whole words now instead of 'Ma') clock, boots, door, barn, and duck. On top of that, she has started copying what I say (or trying). She used to just listen to me, but now she is really making the effort to communicate.

One thing I love about Allison is that she is very mothering. She takes care of her sheep and her babies every day. She consistently will hold her juice or food up to their mouths and make smacking noises. She also puts bibs and diapers on her baby. They get kisses and hugs throughout the day, too. I also caught her feeding a banana to a stuffed bear ornament on our tree this morning (then she gave him a kiss). Those are supposed to be 'no touches', but how could I possibly tell her no when she's being so sweet and nurturing?? I think she's going to make a wonderful big sister!

Allison has a HUGE crush on her Uncle Eric! She wants no one else when he's around! :)

Another cute story. Allison has learned to blow her own nose! Now, I'm not saying she does a good job, but she gets it. I leave kleenex where she can reach them, and if I see that she has a runny nose I can tell her to go get one, and she'll take one out, hold it up to her nose and blow really lightly! I have to help her wipe her nose after that, but she's much more willing after having the chance to fix it herself.

Yesterday, we went to visit my friend Kelly. Her step-daughter is in FFA, and is raising bunnies at her house so I took Allison over to see if she'd like to play with them. I got one cute picture of her with the bunny in her lap, but that was all she wanted. She thought they were fun to watch but I was surprised that she was afraid to touch them.

Today, we finally made it to see Santa. We stood in line last weekend one freezing night for 30 minutes and the line barely moved, so we gave up and went for some hot chocolate instead. But today was beautiful outside and there was basically no line. Frank met us on his lunch break, so as not to miss her first encounter with Santa. I was really sure she was going to scream and refuse to sit on his lap, but she surprised us, and went to him willingly and sat on his lap and posed for the camera! It's the cutest picture!!

We happened to be there at the same time my sister Amy took Drew (aka chunk chunk) to have his picture taken with Santa. We did have a picture made with both of them and santa, but I don't have the digital copy.

So lets go way back to mid-November (because these pictures are too cute not to post). Allison went to her friend Ellie's three year birthday party. They had a horse for all the kids to ride up and down the street. She had sooo much fun!

You'll be hearing more from me soon! I'll leave you with a picture of our Christmas card. Merry Christmas!


Jen said...

Thanks for such a wonderful update and pictures! Allison and Drew are going to be great friends growing up, you can just tell.

And with her verbal skills advancing so quickly, we're going to work on how to call Aunt Jen on the iPhone when you visit--just so I can get my regular Allison updates. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the update, Kristin! She's so cute - I can't wait to see her and hope that's very soon :)

By the way, you and Amy look so beautiful in that Christmas pic with the kiddos. No wonder those babies are so darn cute!

Love ya!