Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Things I don't want to forget

When I wrote the last blog I knew I was leaving out some really adorable things that I had intended to write down simply because I never want to forget the way she was at this early stage in toddler-hood.

1) The other day I was visiting with my neighbor in the front yard while Allison entertained herself with leaves, flowers and acorns. Then I hear 'weee! weee!' over and over. I turn around to see her seated on our driveway (that has a fairly steep slope) and she is very slowly scooting her way down. Then I realized that she is pretending that the driveway is a slide at the playground because that's exactly what she says when she goes down it! Weeeee!

2) She discovered airplanes yesterday. I heard a loud one fly over our house when we were outside and I pointed it out to her. She was VERY excited and spent the rest of our time looking for them. At one point she pointed to one passing by and said 'PANE!"

3) She is learning to build with legos. At first she was only interested in taking apart anything that was assembled, but she has begun experimenting with putting them together herself. She has finally figured out that both pieces have to be facing up, but her alignment is still off. Instead she compensates by just pushing as hard as she can (which obviously doesn't work). Her arm will actually shake from the strain! When she gets it right she claps for herself.

4) A few weeks ago she was watching football with Frank and she noticed the refs giving the signal for a touchdown so she put both arms up by her head. Then the TV panned to some fans clapping and going nuts so she started clapping. That's been a favorite ever since. We say 'touchdown' and her arms go up, followed by clapping and 'yay!'. Fast forward to last Monday night. We were driving home from dinner at my moms and she was really fussy in the back seat and I figured she was just ready for bed. Then I look back and realize that she's got her arms up in 'touchdown' and was just mad that we weren't playing along. We had about 10 rounds of 'touchdown - yay!'.

5) She also is learning 'peek-a-boo'. The cutest thing though, is that she doesn't understand that the point is to cover your eyes, so she covers either her mouth or her cheeks. Then she throws her hands back with a great amount of enthusiasm. Sometimes she will cover my face and do the same thing. :)

6) She is learning to sing. Back when she was really young I remember asking Frank to put her to bed and sing to her. 'What should I sing?' he asks. I blanked on a lullaby and just suggested he sing the ABC's. He's been putting her to bed with that song ever since. Now when she knows it's time she will start singing before he does. It goes 'Aaaa Ccccc D'. She doesn't have the letters perfect but she's right on with the tune. She also tries to sing the 'D-D-D-D-D Dora' song, which comes out as just a bunch of D sounds.

7) Her new dance move reminds me of Ray Charles. She sways really big from side to side using mostly her head.

8) She past the stage of not wanting something on her head few months ago, and will now bring me a bow and put her head down and wait for me to put it in her hair.

9) She can now walk backward, and is pretty proud of herself for that.

10) She got a pack of stickers about a week ago from a friend of mine. I started by putting them on the back of her hands so now she assumes that that is the only place a sticker can go. She will point to them and hold her hands out palms down waiting for one on each hand.

I think that does it for now. Sorry, no pictures today. :(


Anonymous said...

Too cute, Kristin! You'll never regret writing all of this down - I wish I'd done that. Things I said that I'd never forget, I forgot - but they sometimes pop back into my head :)

Love ya!

Serra said...

Your post actually makes me sad. My Alysen is hitting the same phases and milestones...some just before and some just after your Allison. I'm sad that the two of them don't get to grow up together. It would be the cutest thing ever. Your "touchdown" story made me laugh. We've been doing exactly the same thing for about a month now. On the way home from daycare, she alternates between peekaboo and touchdown - the ENTIRE way home.

Cute girls!!!

Jen said...

Thanks for sharing these precious memories and reminding us all the importance of joy in the little things!

I so love hearing about these little stories that give such a wonderful window into Allison's developing character and personality.