Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cutest Ever...

We took Allison trick-or-treating last night for the first time! She was dressed as a fairy using a bunch of random things I had collected over the last couple of months. You'll recognize the tutu from her first birthday. Anyway, needless to say she was adorable!! The outfit turned out better than I had imagined, and I think she really liked it too.

Our neighbors were taking their daughter Ellie out at the same time, so we all went door to door together. Allison watched Ellie very closely as she dug into bowls of candy and put them in her bag. She caught on right away and started reaching for the large quantities of bright colored wrappers. Seriously, SO precious! I think we hit about 6-7 houses and then decided the girls had more candy than they'd ever be allowed to eat so we spent the rest of the evening handing out candy from our neighbors garage. I let Allison have a very small dum-dum (sucker) but I don't think she'll have any more candy.

These pictures are going to make you melt!!

These were taken at our house right after I finished getting her dressed. She was so busy watching Elmo, though, that she hadn't noticed the outfit. :)

Still focused on the TV.

That's the best her wings looked all night. They were way to big for her!

Now she gets it. She's really digging her costume at this point!

Prancing around the house. She was very proud of her pumpkin bucket.

Cant you tell? This is my favorite picture, by the way.

Showing off for dad.

This is her racing out of the front door to meet Ellie.

Now she's off to hunt acorns. It didn't take her long to stash a few in her bucket.

Still looking for acorns. This is what we do on days that are pretty. I sit in the front yard and she entertains herself by collecting acorns in a cup. Why should this night be any different?

Ellie hugging Allison

Ok, enough with the acorns.

Her first piece of candy! She was too excited to put it in her bucket at first.

But she's got the hang of it now and she's off to the next house!

Trick or Treat!!!


Amy said...

I love that little fairy!! She is so cute. Glad to see she is getting some good use out of that tutu. Every girl needs a good tutu in her closet. My favorite picture is the one of her at someone's front door getting candy. Bring her by tomorrow :)

Miss Mommy said...

Love all the purple- way to go, Kristin! Also, awesome job taking and posting so many pics!

Serra said...

So cute! Alysen was a ladybug with a red & black tutu but it was too cold for her to be out here :(
I'm jealous. Love the wings! :)

Anonymous said...

She is just darling!!!