Saturday, October 31, 2009

Punkin at the Pumpkin Patch

Frank and I took Allison to a pumpkin patch this morning, and she had so much fun! There were lots of goats, cows, and sheep for her to feed, a hay ride, and of course a lot of pumpkins to take pictures with. I didn't get any pictures of her feeding the animals b/c I was working the video camera instead - sorry! There were some goats to the right as we entered, and Frank showed her how to feed a pellet to one. She really enjoyed that, but apparently had only bonded with that first goat and refused to feed any others. She was also happy to feed the sheep (which I thought were quite agressive) and they looked to me like they might eat her tiny hand.

The smell was a bit overwhelming, and I wasn't crazy about all the dirt and mud (it's been raining all week). So any notions I've had previously about ever having any farm animals just went right out the window. Although I can't pretend that any notion ever existed.

We skipped the hay ride b/c Allison was getting tired, but did manage to get a few pictures of her before we left. She was uncooperative like most 1 year olds. :) She really wanted to pick up all the pumpkins so I had a hard time getting her to sit still long enough to snap a photo. We are taking our family portrait tomorrow, which I'm sure will be just as interesting.

I know I've been remiss at blogging lately so here are some fresh photos of Allison. Soak it all in!

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Jen said...

I love how inquisitive and interested in everything she is! Precious!