Thursday, December 24, 2009

Take a picture!

Merry Christmas Eve - or Christmas 'Lite' - as my sister in law called it this morning! For Christmas this year Frank got me a new point-n-shoot camera, but I got it a few weeks early since I guessed what he was going to buy me (unintentionally) and had set my mind to buy it for myself. :) He hates it when I foil his plans, but it worked out well because I've been able to capture sweet little Allison more than usual this month.

Don't think that me having this camera has gone unnoticed by my curious toddler, either. More than ever, I've seen her start to imitate me - and that's a little scary! A few nights ago she was sitting on my lap and I held the camera out in front of us to snap a quick photo. I pointed to the camera and told Allison 'lets take a picture!'. She totally got it! I let her hold the camera after that and she kept holding it at arms length and cheesing really big. But the best part is that she thinks she has figured out how to smile. It looks something like this:

Since then, that's the face I get when I ask her to 'take a picture' or simply to 'smile'.

Later that same evening we were headed out to go visit my mom in the hospital after her knee replacement surgery. I got a picture of her with Frank and Papa complete with her new look.

The rest of the visit, Allison spent her time wreaking havoc on everything in the small room. She was busy pulling cords, pushing buttons, dragging around my dad's laptop bag, and begging to be held.

These last two are my favorite (taken by Frank with his iphone).

Luckily, my mom is home now and feeling better so we can visit without so much stress!

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