Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Kiss

Allison just did the sweetest thing to date, and I just have to share. Of course, I've been meaning to blog for days now anyway, so this works out.

She was sitting on my lap holding her favorite sheep while I read her "Are You My Mother?". Side note - I learned yesterday how much she associates reading with being in my lap. I was at Amy's house sitting on the floor reading to her while she played and she walked over and stood next to me and pushed the book away and said "sit down" while trying to crawl into my lap. I pulled her in my lap and we finished the book together. Isn't that precious?? Every time I read to her now when I finish the book I sit and wait, and sure enough she will start the book over herself and "read" to me out loud! Anyway, I digress... back to the sweetest thing ever. So I finished reading her the book and instead of her reading to me, she turned over and said "a kiss?" and planted one right on my lips. This was followed by her laying her head on my shoulder and cuddling up with me and her sheep. I seriously melted right there. I had to say a quick prayer thanking God that I have the best little girl.

We are currently trying to reconfigure nap-time because she has recently been trying to drop a nap. I think that with a little effort on my part she could make a full transition in a couple of weeks, but I'm honestly not ready to give it up. I feel like I depend on her morning nap so I can get ready for the day and do some work around the house. I also know that if I let her take just one nap a day then I lose any chance of ever getting one myself - unless I want to blow off my to-do list. I was actually planning to really try the one nap today and we were going to hit the grocery store so she would be stimulated enough to stay awake. I had everything ready to go and was in the process of putting on her shoes and I lost all energy. So here I am blogging instead while she naps. Yes, I see I'm the problem here. I have to say, though, that I'm sure part of my resistance on this occasion is resting on the fact that I loathe the grocery store. I would rather do just about anything then go shopping for groceries.

I have a lot of fun pictures to share. I'll start with the ones from a couple of Friday's ago. Allison's Mimi (Frank's Mom) finally made it to the Heard Museum. It looks like they had a great time! There isn't much Allison loves more than having freedom to run and explore. Here are the pictures she took for me...

My mom got Allison some pink Ug (sp?) boots for the winter. I tried them on her yesterday, and she LOVED them! She went stomping around the house in them. We couldn't get her to stop roaming the halls. She has never worn anything with a thick rubber sole, so this was a whole new experience. So I know the outfit doesn't go with the boots, but maybe that makes this moment just bit cuter? :)

The rest of these are just fun pictures of her around the house. The first picture is of a new game she plays where she leans on her head and looks at me upside down. This is apparently really funny to her!

I'm not sure what she's doing here. Maybe checking to make sure I didn't stick a bow in her hair. That's not allowed, you know!

Allison has figured out how to climb into her stroller. She can even pull the tray down in front of her. Problem is, she is stuck once she gets there. I often find her whining in it because wants me to rescue her.

I'll leave you with the infamous "scrunchy face". It had taken leave for a few months, but it has returned! I can't figure out which emotion deserves such an expression, but she uses it often!

Oh! One more cute story before I have to go do actual work. We were house sitting for our neighbors last week while they were in Mexico. They also had a cat named Cricket that we were asked to visit and check on. One day I went over there to make sure he had food and water, but he didn't greet me at the door like he normally would. I started calling out "Cricket!, Cricket" and while I was waiting for him to show up I hear Allison saying "E-it! E-it!". So cute! That was the first time she has copied my language. Obviously she says stuff already, but she usually hears it a few times first and processes it. This time she just went ahead and took a stab at it. I'm such a proud mom!


Jen said...

I love the kiss story, made my heart melt just a bit too!

Thanks for the pics update, I was running low. It's hard to believe how much she has grown and changed just since we saw her on her birthday.

Margaret said...

Aren't girls the sweetest!!

Don't worry about the nap thing. Caroline kept two naps until she was 22 months... although I did shorten the morning nap so she would still take her afternoon nap.

But the plus to not having a morning nap is that you can run more errands at a time - not rushing home for naptime. And then you can stay home longer on other days.

It is rough getting stuff done though. Allison might be too young, but Caroline watches a show by herself while I get ready and do my quiet time. And we started "room time" a month ago - which I love!!

Anonymous said...

I just read today's blog to GG - we both laughed at the stories. We need to come see everyone soon! Allison is growing up way too fast :)

Love ya!

Serra said...

I love Allison's scrunchy face!!! She's so spunky with her little mohawk going on. I miss you guys!

Audra said...

Hey Kristin, I love the updates, so glad to see you guys are happy & well.

If you get a chance, check out You Tube & query "fire truck" of the little kido trying to say it - it's wrong, but you'll definitely laugh!!

Anonymous said...

Okay I have three things to say.

1. I hate the grocery store too. It is about the worst thing on the planet.

2. I am so glad that Allison is becoming a little cuddler. I knew she would come around.

3. Your little girl is still just the cutest thing, especially in those stylish Ug boots.