Monday, April 6, 2009

Ten Months!

Yes, I know this is late, but I did actually take these pictures yesterday. However, I took them in the evening and by the time I got Cranky to bed it was too late to blog. Sorry, Serra! :)

The shoot didn't go very well, because I live in Texas so therefore of COURSE it was cold and windy in April. I wasn't about to put her in winter clothes though, and my neighbors felt sorry for her and insisted that she wear the colorful leggings which actually ended up being really cute in the pictures. Allison did not want to be there. She was tired, cold, and mad that I wouldn't let her lick my reflector.

Here are the ones where I got a decent expression.

And here is how she looked in the other 100 or so pictures I took... (lol)

Ok, she just woke up from her nap so I don't have time to elaborate any more!


Jen said...


She is just precious. And, as usual, your photography skills amaze me. These are so professional. I want to find a context to enter them.

Thanks so much for posting!

Jen said...

Yeah. That should have been a "contest" to enter the photos.

End of a Monday. What can I say.

Serra said...

LOVE the third to last one. So pretty! I'm amazed that you are able to find such completely different settings every month. I just don't have any motivation! Great pics, beautiful girl!

Margaret said...

I seriously need to haul my girls to Dallas for you to do a shoot. Maybe when Charlotte is 6 months old. You are amazing!!!

Tricia said...

The leggings totally make that outfit! She just gets more and more adorable every month! 10 months... good grief! It flys by so fast! You realize, she's now in "double digits". Just 2 months until she's a year old!!!!

Anonymous said...

You take such beautiful pictures! I just love those little baby legs too! I have added you to my blog list so I can keep up with you:)

Hope you are doing well!

Heidi said...

Im with Jen on the 10 month thing. It is so hard to believe that she is almost one. She is one beautiful little girl though. Love the pictures!!

The Obenhaus Family said...

Hey Girl! Those pictures you took are fantastic! Is that just something you do for fun? Your little one is to cute for words. Glad to see your doing well and I will check in on you again :)