Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Walking Tall

I think sometimes as mom's we end up putting our children in boxes, and deciding for them what they can and can not do. Simply by spending a lot of time with Allison I feel qualified to determine her skills even before she's tried them out.

On Easter Sunday Kyle and Andrea stopped by, and while I was doing dishes Kyle was playing with Allison in the living room. I heard him mention her trying to walk, and then noticed him getting out her walking toy. "She can't do that yet", I told him. I went on to explain that she has hardly any interest in walking, and that if you set her up on that walking toy she will promptly lean on it (causing it to roll forward) and then bump her head on the handle.

I was ignored, and Allison was set up behind her toy and asked to come toward Frank. Sure enough, my baby started taking steps and was able to walk directly to him! I was in shock, but happy to be proven wrong. I got her on tape that day "walking" with her toy. Since then she has picked up speed and now she will go find her toy, climb up it, and take off!

She doesn't steer very well, which is understandable since the wheels only go straight. I walk along with her and readjust her direction when she needs it. If she ever gets enough confidence to let go, I think she'll be walking by her birthday! Anyway, from all this I've learned to let her try things even if I "know" she can't do them. It makes for a nice surprise when I'm wrong. I'm so proud of my baby!


Jen said...

Wonderful -- so she can come walking right to her aunt Jen when we visit. :)

I love how you can see the determination and perserverance in her little faace.

Heidi said...

Yeah Allison. Good work little missy!!