Sunday, March 30, 2008

She's still a girl!

Last Thursday we had a chance to get some more 3D pictures of baby Barnett. It was so cool to see her little face, and get a glimpse of what we'll see in 9 weeks (I know, single digits now!). We got to learn alot about her from just the short 15 minute sonogram. The first thing we learned is that she is currently breech. She has until about 35 weeks to decide to make her way into the correct position, or I'm in danger of having to get a C-section. I REALLY dont want that, so we're praying she'll go ahead and move on her own. We also learned that she is still a girl! We were pretty confident already, but that "what if" kept me from opening any of her bedding until I got confirmation.

If you look close in the picture above you'll notice that she has a foot up by her forehead. She pretty much leaves both feet up there while she sleeps. I guess she enjoys being folded in half. We were also told that she has chubby little hands!

At one point during the sonogram she suddenly opened her eyes, and it scared me a little. I never thought I'd see those big eyes that day! It's almost like she was looking directly at the camera!

Finally, our favorite picture is one where she definitely showed her little additude. We apparently upset her with all the movement so she scrunched up her little nose and stuck out her bottom lip and glared at us the best she could. lol. She looks just like Frank when he's cranky. :) Enjoy the photos!


Anonymous said...

She's got Frank's nose! So cute!

Miss Mommy said...

How exciting! I see Kristin in her!!!