Monday, May 24, 2010

Please turn!

Two weeks ago at my OB check, I was informed that the baby is laying in the 'transverse' position which means she is laying across my belly. I had another OB check today, and was disappointed to find out that she has definitely not moved yet. The doctor was positive that she felt her head on my left side and a pair of feet on the right. I'll be 34 weeks in a couple of days, and I'm told that babies run out of room to change positions by 37 weeks.

If she still hasn't moved by my 37 week appointment, they will schedule an ultrasound to determine her exact positioning. Then I have to decide if I want them to try to turn her by using a technique called an 'external version' or just schedule a c-section. Honestly, I don't want either. I haven't heard good things about the external version, and I REALLY don't want a c-section! Since I don't consider either of them good options, I'm just hoping she'll go ahead and make the move very soon. I'm trying not to stress about it, because in the end we have a healthy little girl, but I can't seem to stop worrying.

That's all. Just thought I'd share.


Donna Lawson said...

Come on over and jump on the trampoline for a while. It'll either turn her or teach her...either way you win!

Miss Mommy said...

I will pray for a turned baby!

Good to see you back on your blog. ;)

Unknown said...

Have you tried different positions? I've read several different ways you can "try" to turn a baby on your own. I can email you more info if you want - they are simple things like getting on all fours, putting your chest on the ground and rear in the air and rocking back & forth. Crawling on all fours (weird, but I've heard it sometimes turns breech babies). Anyways, will definitely be praying that little girl turns!

Kristin Barnett said...

Thanks everyone!

Laura - I have heard about those different exercises and positions, so I asked my OB about them yesterday. She said that I'm welcome to try them, but that they usually only successful in breach babies. :(
I'm going to try them anyway, because what could it hurt, right?

I'll keep everyone posted!

Unknown said...

That's crazy that those positions can turn a baby completely upside down - but aren't as successful as turning a baby halfway around! :-) Seems like it would be easier to turn a baby less distance. Keep us posted!

Margaret said...

Charlotte was transverse less than two months before she was born.

I did all the crazy positions. The theory is that it stretches the muscles around the baby so they are looser and thus more room for the baby to correct their position.

I crawled around, did this thing that's basically crawling down the stairs head first (need lots of help from Kevin on that one), and another where I laid with pillows on the couch a certain way.

It must have worked because she did turn head down.