Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mimi!

Friday we celebrated Mimi's birthday with lunch, cake, and ice cream at her house. She picked up Carter and Allison on Friday morning as usual, and brought them back to her house to 'help' decorate. Allison was in charge of choosing the streamer colors, and Carter was in charge of tearing them at the appropriate length. Mimi always knows the perfect jobs for little ones.

Frank, myself, Laura, and her daughter Shannon showed up around lunch time so we could eat and play. Mimi thought it would be more fun to give the kids presents on her birthday than to receive them herself, so she got Allison and Carter buckets filled with fun toys like bubbles, water guns, and bath toys. Allison has enjoyed her bucket every day since!

Thank you for the fun party, Mimi! Happy Birthday!

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