Thursday, November 4, 2010

What's Up?

Oh man, I'm a mess. Any time I spend a long time away from my blog, I find myself reading through old posts before I can start writing again. This time I read backwards all the way to Hailey's birth announcement blog, and was crying by the end of it. But what mom doesn't get emotional when reminded of the great day she met one of her precious babies?

So what's up now? Yes, it's been quite a while since I've been active on this site and I'm sure I've lost quite a few readers. I can't blame you! Well I've been staying really busy building another new business. I'm a textbook entrepreneur. I have tons of ideas, lots of passion, and I get crazy obsessed with my projects. Then I let them run, and move on. In case you're wondering, our reading glasses business Posh Eyewear is still around and doing well. But this time I am working on a business called Elastic by the Yard selling 1/8" skinny elastic for baby headbands. You'll see a few photos of Hailey proudly displayed on the home page. Anyway, I've had a blast working on this business and I see a lot of potential for growth and product expansion. I'm so excited to start promoting it this week! In fact, as part of my promotion I'm starting a give-away right here! If you would like a FREE five yards of elastic from my store, simply post a blog with a link to my home page. Then shoot me an email at kristinbarnettATgmailDOTcom with a link to your blog where I can see the post, your name and shipping address, and the color you'd like me to send you. It's that easy! Once you receive your colored elastic you can start creating your own baby headbands.

I'm not going to try to cram two months of information into one blog. Instead I'm going to start posting a little every day so you can get caught up. A lot has happened recently, and I have lots of pictures to share.

Anyway, we are doing great. I just wanted to say a quick "howdy", and let you all know to start coming around again to see what's up!

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Shannon said...

Friend, I was just checking in to see how your photography business was going when I saw that you have a NEW business!!! Sounds wonderful. :)

How are you? How are your precious girls? How's life now with two little people?

Thinking of you, Kristin! Blessings!!