Thursday, March 25, 2010

Salon Barnett

I've been in the spirit to save money lately. Having another baby will do that to you! So to stay in line with my budgeting goals I opted to cut Allison's hair myself. Equipped with a nice pair of scissors borrowed from a neighbor, I set to work.

I left Allison in her high chair after dinner last night, and rolled it closer to the TV as a distraction. While she enjoyed an 'Elmo's World' segment on drums, I wet down her hair and combed it the best I could so I could make a plan. She was pretty squirmy, and didn't want me touching her so I had to have Frank hold her head still. First, I made a few snips in the front to shorten her bangs that were hanging in her eyes. Then I focused my attention on the mullet she had grown in the back. I don't know why the back and top of her hair grows so fast, and the sides seem content to stay at a nice slow pace! Oh well.

I ended up cutting over an inch off the back, which helped even out some natural layers that she had. I have a new respect for people who cut hair well. Who knew cutting a straight line was so hard?? I never got it perfect (or very close), but her hair is a little wild anyway so no one will notice. She certainly doesn't care!

Here is a 'before' picture. I forgot to take a real one, but this is from a few weeks ago.

Here is the final result! Cute, right??

She's looking out the window here, because it was thundering and she wanted to see what 'BOOM' looked like. =)


Jen said...

The cut is wonderful, she looks quite stylish, in my opinion. Little flip at the bottom and all.

And I love this series of pics as a nice little slice of Allison's evening life. :)

Miss Mommy said...

Yes, adorable! Her bangs look perfect, and that's hard!

Serra said...

Two blogs in a week?! You are ambitious! Love the new 'do and I love the pics with all of her belongings in her bed.

On another note...I haven't blogged since last July. I suck.

Anonymous said...

I cut my sisters hair once and boy was it a terrible idea. She ended up having to go to the salon to get it fixed and my mom wasn't very happy. I'm quite impressed with your work. It is not easy.