Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Genius Baby

My baby is officially smarter than yours.

Haha, j/k! ...Or maybe Apple is just such a great company that they made iPhones easy enough for a one year old to use. She's always liked walking around shaking it - and occasionally dribbling it - while it played music (which accounts for the industrial-strength protective case Frank put it in), but now she's taken her iPhone experience to a whole new level. I'm going to teach her how to do our taxes next.

Check out this awesome video. You may even pick up some sweet dance moves, too. (This is her favorite song, btw.)


Jen said...

Awesome. Now to figure out how you handle it when she starts sending spam from your phone.

Serra said...

I can't believe she can turn the volume up like that! That's so awesome! Love her dance moves too!

Anonymous said...

How cute! Thanks for the smiles to start the day :) She's precious.

Love ya!

Donna Lawson said...

So precious!!! This is what Apple should use in their ads. I'd buy it. Allison and I share the same taste in our television shows. As a former "pop" choir member and NOT a mean girl (but definitely mean girl potential,) I'm all excited for Glee!

Margaret said...

Excellent fine motor skills!!

Would you believe that Caroline has her own log-in on Kevin's laptop? He made icons to link to activites on pbs kids and disney. And she even knows how to log-out when she's finished.

Eric & Amy said...

Way Cute!!

I love it!