Monday, June 22, 2009

A New Phase

Since we are about to enter a new month, it seems like time to update you on Allison. She has changed so much in my eyes even since her birthday just a few weeks ago.

Frank and I decided that we have recently entered a new phase with Allison. It literally seems like she changed from a baby to a little girl over night, and it all started with her walking. Even though she has been able to walk for a few weeks, it wasn't until last Thursday that she finally decided to give up crawling. Thursday night we taped her walking around the house for about 15 minutes, and we were both amazed because before then she hadn't walked much more than across the living room. When did she learn that?? She was sooo proud of herself, too. She walked anywhere she could get to just because she could. She has only picked up speed since then. I think she'll be at a run in another week. I can't think of many things much cuter than the way she walks. I love the way she very deliberately picks up her feet, the way she sticks her chest out to balance, and how she likes to take things with her when she walks because it's something she couldn't do before! She always has her lamb in one hand, and either a book or a favorite toy in the other (or sometimes Maggie's favorite toy).

Allison is also starting to communicate more with me. She still doesn't talk, but she is just now learning to point at things that she wants. Every time she points at something to show me she says 'dat!'. I don't know what that means, but I believe the closest translation is 'that!'. She has a couple of words that are real words, but just baby babble to her. She says 'yeah' and 'wow' a lot - wow is said with much enthusiasm. Today she revealed another new babble word that unfortunately sounds very much like the bad word for 'poop'. Frank and I don't use that language, so I'm not worried about it sticking, but I had to laugh when she said it because the first time I heard her say it was when I was changing her dirty diaper. Ha!

This is fun - she just got her fourth tooth today! I'm so ready for some more of those to come in so she can eat more foods!! We are entering a time where I want to give her more and more table foods, but I have to hold back on so many things because she doesn't have enough teeth to chew! I'm still buying some of her veggies in the baby food tubs, and I'm so tired of those! I can't wait for the days when I can just make her a sandwich and fruit for lunch instead of having to get very creative with mushy foods. Not much longer, I hope!

What else? She is now mainly using her right hand! We were so sure she was going to be a lefty, but I guess she had other plans. I'm sorry I don't have many pictures. Our point-and-shoot has died and I hate lugging out my huge camera for the candid pics around the house.

Here are some pictures from the weekend of her birthday party. Frank's dad, step-mom, sister, and brother-in-law all came in town for the event. We loved having everyone here to celebrate with us!

The first picture is my family because they were the first to show up at the party. My Aunt Susan (far right) surprised us and drove in from College Station for the party! We have great families!

Amy and Eric got her the cutest purple tutu!

The rest of these are from dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Just thinking about that makes me hungry!

That's all for now! It's time for bed!


Jen said...

Such a little cutie...and she really is looking like a sweet little girl more than a baby anymore. Sigh.

Feel free to post videos any time :)

Thanks for the update, I've got my fix and now I'll head to bed myself.

Serra said...

You look like such a mom in your family pic! I love it. Thanks for the update...I love your baby girl!

Heidi said...

Thanks for the update. Hope you are having a wonderful summer!!