Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cuteness Overload

These pictures are from different times over the last month when Allison was looking super cute, but I didn't have time to post them. You wont believe how much she's changed!

This is Allison opening her first Christmas present that she got in the mail from her Great Aunt Sheila. She really got into ripping the paper. It was a great book about a school bus!

Later that day, we delivered 200 cookies to our neighbors and since it was really cold outside we finally got a chance to deck her out in the cute pink hat with matching mittens (compliments of Keith and LeeAnn - thanks!). The neighbors all thought she was adorable, and I agree. :)

This is Allison taking a bath in our kitchen sink for the first time. Normally, she just takes a bath with me, but we were low on time so we stuck her in the sink, and she was thrilled with her own personal hot tub! Allison has always loved bath time, but we have now incorporated bath toys, so it's even better. She has a set of colored plastic rings that she slams in and out of the water. No surface is dry when she's done, but we love watching her play!

OK, I HATE this picture of me, but how could I not love this picture of her after her bath in the sink?? Have you ever seen a bigger smile on a baby duck??

This one still blows me away. She is learning to crawl and we frequently find her on all fours in her crib scooting around to get to stuff. In fact, we had to do an emergency lowering of her mattress because I found her crawling up the side of her bed. She still only scoots backwards when she's on her own, but if I hold her feet she will very slowly pull one hand back at time (all the way back to her ear like she's gonna punch the floor) and then slowly move it back down till it's about an inch forward from where it was. She repeats this alternating hands till she gets tired. She doesn't really get anywhere yet, but she totally gets the concept!

Here's another perspective of her being on all fours. Look at that sweet face! It also reminds me of her Uncle John's most famous question: "Does her mouth ever close?" lol. It's true that most of the time she sits with her tongue out while drooling. We are hoping she grows out of that by Pre-K. ;)

Sitting is currently her favorite play time position. She no longer likes the confinement of her exersaucer that used to be so dear to her! My mom got her this table thing that plays all kinds of noises and music, and she can sit there for half an hour playing the same tune over and over.

Here's Allison playing/slobbering on Frank's iPhone. If it didn't have a protective case I'm sure it wouldn't be working anymore!

She has also learned that if she pulls herself up on the table while sitting, she can play on her knees. She's very steady like this, but I still get scared that she will bump her head.

With just a little help from me, she can also stand and hold onto her table. I was really nervous about letting her go long enough to take this picture, but it was worth it. No falls yet!

Finally, I got Allison a sippy cup that has a top that more or less resembles a bottle nipple. She likes to chew on it and really enjoys the freedom to be in control of her water. She still wont feed herself food, but she loves throwing it over the sides to a very obliging Maggie.

I just thought her intense face was too cute. I hope this gets me back in everyone's good graces!


Jen said...

I'm not sure I could ever say "that's enough with the Allison photos!" But you've sure done an excellent job at working toward that... :)

I love this pics, she is just hilarious and adorable in her efforts to grow up so quickly. Thanks for sharing them.

Heidi said...

Wow, your doing awesome on your posting and I must say it was the perfect time to do an update because I am home sick, so little Allison definitely kept me intertained. She is just as cute as ever.